Clogged Drain Pipe Rodding

Clogged drain and sewer pipe rodding is a traditional method to eliminate debris from your drains. Rodding is a great option for typical blockage culprits such as hair, soap scum, and small objects. Keep in mind that many clogs consist of a combination of these things rather than just one substance. These elements can knot up and attach itself to parts of your drain. Yuck!

Our Rodding Equipment

How to tell if you need drain or sewer pipe rodding

If you notice your sinks are draining slowly – or worse, backing up into other areas such as the toilet or tub, you likely have a large clog in your sewer system. Before you proceed with any direct action, however, our best advice is, to begin with, a camera inspection. After the inspection, there are two types of tools plumbers use in these cases: the “c” cutter or drain auger.

Rodding Out a Pipe

Removing clogs with a drain auger

In some cases, slow drains don’t require a full rodding. If you’re a homeowner who feels comfortable troubleshooting small issues, a drain auger is a handy tool that can be found at your local hardware store.

However, a c cutter is a plumbing tool that is best left to a professional. Both tools can remove clogs by punching a hole through the clog. Sometimes the clog can be completely removed and sometimes only a smaller hole is created for temporary relief.

When in doubt

It is important to be aware of the age, material, and health of your pipes. When in doubt, call in the professionals at Roots Be Gone! Our team is always ready and available to solve your plumbing problems. Whether you know or suspect you need augering, rodding, or snaking your drain, we’re here to help!

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