Picote Maxi Miller:  Wall to Wall Drain cleaning | Complete Root Removal

One of the main causes of clogged drains in a main sewer line is tree roots.  Inside the clay pipe are joints where the pipes join together.  Because of these joints between the pipes, it creates a gap for tree roots to penetrate the pipe and grow through the sewer drain.  Over time, the roots grow so dense that they actually penetrate the pipe so much that it does not allow the sewage to flow through the pipe hence causing a clog in the drain.  This results in sewage back up in the drain pipe.

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Roots in The PipeFor years, plumbers would use standard drain cable machines such as the Ridgid K-1500 or the Spartan 1065 drain cleaning machines to break the roots down and fix the blockage.  While these are still good machines, they are also limited and can only remove the roots from the drain so much that oftentimes the tree roots grow right back and clog the sewer all over again; in some cases the roots can grow back in less than 6 months.

Picote Milling Machine

This leads to a problem for the homeowner.  One, the unknown of when the sewer will back up again, two, the cost of having to keep paying a plumber to keep coming out, and three, being left with the same problem of tree roots in your pipe over and over again with no long term solution.  This can prove costly, nasty and frustrating!

Over the past few years, engineers in the drain cleaning industry have tried to come up with a solution on how to solve the issue of standard drain cleaning machines leaving excess tree roots in the sewer drain.  The solution they came up with was the invention of what’s called  the “Picote Milling Machine” high speed drain cleaning machine.  What makes the Picote Milling Machine so special, is its ability to perform what’s called ‘Wall to Wall’ drain cleaning by using milling and chain knocker technology.

cyclone chainWhat the Picote Miller Machine can do that the other machines can’t do is it utilizes premium chain fittings which allow the chains to spin freely inside the pipe and spread throughout the entire circumference of the drain pipe thus allowing the chains to eat through the entire root penetration inside the pipe.  Old machines would only ‘poke a hole’ through dense roots whereas the miller machines chains clean the pipe entirely providing a much cleaning sewer pipe that will stay unclogged for years to come. 


This type of drain cleaning is indeed revolutionary and is really making a huge difference in solving the problem of tree roots being left in the sewer.  By utilizing the Picote Milling machine to clean your sewer, you can finally rid yourself of pesky tree roots that remain in your sewer and stop having to pay plumbers over and over again to keep having to unclog your sewer.  If you are looking for self assurance and long term health of your drain, Picote Milling drain cleaning is the right choice for you.