Is Your Drain or Sewer Line Clogged? We Have the Solutions

For homeowners and businesses, fixing a clogged drain can be easier said than done. As Chicago’s drain cleaning experts, Roots Be Gone takes a targeted approach using both cutting-edge equipment and tried-and-true approaches. We provide a variety of services to unclog and restore your drain and sewer pipes. 

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Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting is an advanced drain-cleaning technique that uses a high-pressure hose to blast water up through the blocked drain pipe. The force of the water cleans the inside surface of the pipe. This process is very fast and effective at removing grease, hair, soap scum, sludge, mineral deposits, and other debris that can cause a clogged drain. 

Picote milling machine

For tree roots and other stubborn clogs in sewer pipes, we can use the Picote drain milling machine. This high-powered machine can be equipped with a variety of heads designed to cut and grind through all types of blockages. The Picote machine also scours down to the surface, which can restore an old pipe to its original diameter – which is referred to as wall-to-wall drain cleaning. This revolutionary process can quickly unclog sewer lines that have been clogged for years – without having to dig up your property.  

Camera Inspection

Knowing the location and cause of a clog is half the battle. With our drain and sewer line inspection, a probe with a small camera is inserted into the affected pipe. With this approach, we can see what is happening so we can recommend the most targeted and effective solution. 

Rodding, Snaking, Rootering

Cable rodding, also called snaking or rootering, is the most traditional approach to unclogging a drain – and can still be a good option for simple blockages, including sinks, showers, and tubs. With rodding, a metal cable called an auger is placed into the drain and pushed through the pipe by a professional-grade machine. The auger breaks up the blockage so it can pass through the plumbing system.

Cleaning and Vacuum Pumping

If you have sludge or loose debris in your pipes or catch basins, it’s important to remove the obstructions before they cause more issues with your drains. We can clean and vacuum out your pipes to make sure they flow properly. We can also pump out your catch basins, grease traps, and laundry lint basins. 


The best way to fix a clogged drain or sewer line is by preventing the blockage in the first place. At Roots Be Gone, we can provide guidance on what to avoid putting down drains or flushing down toilets to keep your sewer line healthy and clear. Regular drain maintenance is recommended for the long-term health of your plumbing. 

Restore, Repair, Replace

Slow or backed-up drains can also be caused by a cracked or damaged sewer line – especially if the pipe is old and made from outdated materials. We use a variety of approaches to restore, repair, or replace the affected section of the sewer line with as little disruption to your property as possible. 

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If you discover a clog in your drain or sewer line, don’t stress over finding the right fix – leave that to the professionals. At Roots Be Gone, we’ll evaluate your plumbing, then recommend and perform the appropriate technique to get the job done safely and effectively. To schedule expert drain cleaning service, call us today at (844) 517-0090.