Drain and Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Before we do any work, we take a look inside with a video camera. It is way easier than developing a shrink ray for our technicians! But the reason we do this is so we can show you before and after just how effective our drain cleaning is. Follow along as we outline the benefits of a sewer camera inspection.

sewer camera inspection

3 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection

No matter where you look, cameras are everywhere. What are the 3 main benefits of using them for sewer work?

  1. Camera Inspection ServicesACCURACY: Trial and error work well for learning to ride a bike. But if you want to make sure that the job gets done well, a camera inspection is the only way to go.


  2. SAFETY: With a camera sewer inspection, you don’t need to destroy any part of your home to pinpoint the problem and the best way to solve it.


  3. COST: Good, cheap, or fast service. Which two do you pick? Thanks to their efficiency and speed, cameras can eliminate the need for serious repairs.
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Tough roots, scale, or blockages?

Roots Be Gone Camera Inspection Services

In what specific ways is sewer camera inspection helpful? The camera helps us uncover:

  • The overall condition of the pipe.
  • The type of material your pipe is made of which lets us know what to expect from future wear and tear.
  • The approximate path your sewer line takes.
  • The depth and length of your sewer line.
  • Any cracks and/or possible leaks in the pipe.
  • Failed connections in the pipe (as ground shifts, connections can shift, causing leaks).
  • The existence of a belly, or dip, in the pipe that could catch solid material.
  • Any root intrusions in the pipe (tree roots are a major cause of unexpected clogged pipes).
  • Sludge or mineral deposit build-up in the pipe.
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