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When it comes to drain cleaning, there are two types of blockages that can occur in a sewer line. You have what’s called hard blockage and soft blockage.  An example of hard blockage would be tree roots, toilet paper, rocks/gravel, paper towel, plastic products (kids toys), hygiene products (tampons, toothpaste tube), broken clay pipe, or even clay (dirt) penetration in the sewer line.

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An example of soft blockage would be grease, baby wipes, toilet paper, sludge, lint, hair, soap scum etc… Soft blockage builds up over time and eventually leads to slow drains or blockage. The problem with soft blockage is that the standard drain cleaning machines such as cable machines, oftentimes cannot open the blockage that soft blockage creates.  The reason being is that soft blockage builds up over time and eventually cakes on to the side walls of the pipe hence making it hard for the cable machine to get to the side wall of the pipe.  Most cable machines are not designed to clean the side walls of the pipe thus leaving the drain partially blocked which will not result in a fully open drain.  This means that you will still experience slow drains and intermittent blockage which will eventually back up again if the drain is not eventually fully cleaned out. 

The Solution to soft blockage is to perform Hydro Jetting on the drain.  The reason is, the Hydro Jetting machine pushes water through the drain at 3000PSI through a nozzle called the “Warthog”.  This nozzle is designed to thrust water through the pipe and completely clean the drain’s side walls thus clearing the entire drain and removing the grease and other soft blockage materials.  If done properly, the hydro jetting machine can clean the drain line completely and allow the drain to flow with consistency and no intermittent blockage.

Hard drain blockages are most often found in landscape storm drains, garage drains, or swimming pool drainage systems, but can also show up in drains from walk-in showers where debris can be walked in or dropped into the drain. If you have a landscape or storm drain inlet on your property, then you should regularly remove the grill and clean out any debris that has gathered.



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