Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner

What is a hydro jet? Hydro jetting or water jetting is like power washing, but more powerful and made for the inside of your pipes. Our hydro jet drain cleaner sprays a 3,000 psi stream of water through a specialized head. Because jetting is so powerful, it’s perfect for destroying clogs caused by roots without risking pipe damage.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning
One of our Plumbers using the hydro jet drain cleaner
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When is Hydro Jet drain cleaning a good solution?

There are two types of blockages that can occur in a sewer line – hard blockage or soft blockage. A hard blockage is caused by something stuck in the pipe (tree roots, toilet paper or paper towels, toys, tampons, toothpaste tube, broken pipe, or even rock/gravel/clay/dirt in the sewer line.

A soft blockage builds up over time and eventually cakes onto the side walls of the pipe. Most rodding machines are not designed to clean a pipe completely. This means that you will still have slow drains and intermittent blockage which will eventually back up again if not fully cleaned out.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning for Soft Blockage

Hydro jetting is great for removing the nasty build-up of grease and minerals that line sewer pipes and drains. The water washes the pipes thoroughly, whereas a drain auger or rodding only removes the material that is clogging the drain. If done properly, the hydro jetting machine can clean the line completely and allow the drain to flow consistently and no intermittent blockage.


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