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We had some drainage issues and figured it was roots in the pipes. We called these guys and they came out same day. They were professional and friendly and fast! They explained the issue and took us through what they looked it. Great experience! -Regan Wilson

My main line ejector failed during a fall rain storm and I had flooding in my basement. I was able to get a plumber out to my house the next day and the team was quick and helpful. I’ve used Roots Be Gone for my sump pump earlier this spring and will continue to utilize them as my GO-TO plumbers – Brad

Hands down the best solution to all plumbing problems! Had a clogged drain line to the street. Roots in several locations blocked the flow almost completely. The drain line cleaning tool/machine owned by Roots Be Gone is revolutionary and returned our entire length of pipe to 100% flow with zero evidence of roots. Completely cleaned the inside of the pipe. They also fixed multiple other plumbing challenges in our house as renovations continued. Fast, professional, at the right price! – Adam E.

Very good service and problem solved! We had a dead Emerald Ash near our storm sewer line and in heavy rains it the water backed up because the line was fill with old roots. Their new tool did the trick and we no longer have any issues. -Steven