About Roots Be Gone Chicago

At Roots Be Gone Chicago, we have unclogged thousands of drains for Chicago area home and business owners in our company’s lifetime.  We love the satisfaction we get from doing this for our customers. While sometimes, you can’t always control what goes down a drain, we consider it a challenge to not only unclog your drain but we also pride ourselves on opening your drain completely so you can enjoy LONG-TERM drainage of your house drain or sewer.  This is only achieved by thoroughly unclogging your drain and of course using the latest technology to completely remove the blockage, NOT leaving any blockage such as roots in your drain to cause problems later on.

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After using standard drain cleaning machines such as the Ridgid K-1500 & Spartan 10-65 machine, it became clear to us that there simply has to be a better way of removing tree roots and blockage from drains.  After significant industry research of drain cleaning machines, we discovered revolutionary new machines such as Picote (Maxi)  Milling machines and High-Pressure Hydro Jetting machines which not only removes the complete blockage from the drain but also prevents root penetration and future blockages.

At Roots Be Gone, we are ecstatic to offer new, Revolutionary drain cleaning methods to our customers so they can enjoy long term usage of their drains and understand how to maintain the long term health of their drains utilizing our drain cleaning methods. This is why Roots Be Gone is the best drain cleaning and sewer pipe company in the greater Chicago area.